Input: Post-graduation plans 

On November 13, hundreds of graduates attended convocation at Place des Arts to collect their degrees and to close a momentous chapter in their lives. As the wide-open road of the future lies ahead, the Journal asked: What now?

I have a few contracts in web design, so Iíll be doing that for a while. Thereís the possibility of teaching at a CEGEP, but Iím not sure I want to do that yet. But I do know for sure, I want to stay in Montreal.

- Rami Nuseir, MA Media Studies

Seeing all the people with masterís and doctorates made me very much want to pursue my education. But for now, Iíll just be looking for work [Ö] and live one day at a time until my next opportunity comes around.

- Mark Bonneville, BA Psychology/Sociology

Iím doing my PhD right now at Concordia in the special individualized program. Iím hoping to get through it in three or four years. I hope to come out with some comprehensive ideas for organizational management so I can work in health care.

- Terry Kyle, MA Human Systems Intervention

I take receiving my doctorate as a big responsibility, coming from a small Indian community [Kahnawake]. Iím now a role model for the young people in my community. I want to show them what is possible and what one can achieve. I plan to teach, probably at Concordia, in the First People Studies program, and work with my community. I will also continue researching and writing so I can bridge the Mohawk world to the outside world. I want to let people know who we are, where we come from and what weíre all about.

- Kahente Horn-Miller, PhD Humanities

Iím going to do a lot of artistic directing. Our program taught us dance technique and choreography. I'm going to go to Melbourne because thatís the capital of dance in Australia. I want to get into their scene and see whatís up there.

- Lauren Weisz, BFA Contemporary Dance

I did my bachelor, masterís and PhD at Concordia. Iíve been here 12 years. Now Iím off to Queenís University to do a post-doc in civil engineering, examining the fire resistance of fibre-polymer composites.

- Duncan Cree, PhD Mechanical Engineering
(See Journal Sept. 27, 2007.)

Right now, Iím looking for a job, but the French thing is an obstacle here in Quebec. I might go to Ontario to pursue a one-year program in education.

- Isabelle Kapiga, MSc Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies

Iím planning to study theological studies in Islam at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, England.

- Fardin Azizada, BA Poli Sci/Theological Studies

Right now, Iím doing my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania at the Annenberg School of Communication. Iím researching the history and policy implications of local television. After that, back to Canada, hopefully back to Concordia for a teaching job.

- Christopher Ali, MA Media Studies

Iím going on a big trip to New Zealand for four months. I think itís a good opportunity between graduating and entering the real career world. When am I going to have a chance like this again?

- Helena Vassiliou, MA Creative Arts Therapies

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